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from 12. 10. till 16. 10. 2020

Beef tongue, apple, peas, cabbage crumpet, smoked foam 165 CZK
Scallops, red curry, pumpkin, beetroot, coriander 195 CZK
Pho Bo, beef, rice noodles, pickled garlic, coriander 95 CZK
Pad Thai, prawns, egg, tamarind, ginger, coriander 265 CZK
Pork tenderloin, croquette, potato gnocchi, kohlrabi ragout, carrot 275 CZK
Chocolate truffle, orange, mascarpone 95 CZK
Selection of homemade ice cream and sorbets 85 CZK

Weekly special

Chicken Tikka Masala, garlic, ginger, Basmati rice 215 CZK

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