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AvantGarde breakfast

Business breakfast
rolled Swedish bread with ham and cheese, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, fresh fruit cuts, coffee, orange or grapefruit fresh juice
225 CZK
Continental breakfast
ham, cheese, butter, jam, boiled egg of your choice 5/10 min., bread, butter croissant, orange or grapefruit fresh juice
250 CZK
French breakfast
croissant filled with scrambled eggs, cucumber, lettuce, French toast, crème fraîche, strawberries, maple syrup, coffee, orange or grapefruit fresh juice
265 CZK
Fit breakfast
poached egg, tomato, mozzarella, avocado, pumpkin bread, ricotta, coconut mash, nuts, maple syrup, fresh fruit cuts, orange or grapefruit fresh juice
295 CZK


Egg „62“, spring onion, tomato, chives 140 CZK
Scrambled eggs with truffle oil and parmesan 145 CZK
Fried eggs with ham or bacon 145 CZK
Scrambled eggs / omelette With ingredients of your choice: ham, cheese, bacon, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes 145 CZK
Eggs Florentine - poached eggs, brioche toast, roasted spinach, sauce hollandaise 185 CZK
French toast, caramelized apples, cinnamon, sour cream 135 CZK
Pancakes with jam and fresh strawberries 135 CZK
Waffles, lime mascarpone, raspberries, nut crumble 145 CZK

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