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Cold breakfast

Croissant filled with smoked salmon, cucumber, crème fraiche, lemon 95 CZK
Croissant filled with ham and cheese, mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce 85 CZK
Mozzarella, tomatoes, avocado and basil pesto 165 CZK

Hot breakfast

Boiled eggs two minutes with parmesan and chive 95 CZK
Scrambled eggs, omelette. Choose your ingredients: ham, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, pepper, onion, mushrooms 120 CZK
Scrambled eggs with truffle oil and parmesan 145 CZK
Fried eggs with ham or bacon 120 CZK
Eggs Benedict - Poached eggs with grilled ham or smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce 185 CZK
Omelette with goat cheese and grilled mushrooms 160 CZK

Sweet breakfast

Porridge with maple syrup and fruit 120 CZK
Pancakes, banana, nutella, nuts or jam 120 CZK
Pastry of the day 75 CZK
Freshly baked croissant with marmalade or nutella 85 CZK
Greek yoghurt with honey and nuts 95 CZK
Čerstvě krájené ovoce 120 CZK

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